Behdash Chemical Company Business Ethics Policy
Support appropriate work standards


Behdash Chemical Company makes every effort to be reliable as a company and a member of the community and to fulfill its responsibilities to the community, NGOs and environmental protection in a good way. Respecting the prevailing values ​​in any community, the company assures all customers, suppliers and members of the community that in this company:

  • All people who are involved in any way in the supply, production and distribution of the company’s products are treated with respect and their human rights and dignity are fully respected by the company.
  • Behdash Chemical Company is committed to complying with all the requirements of Ethical Trading Initiatives Base Code and a set of ethical rules.
  • The company is also committed to complying with the legal requirements of the countries in which it operates, as well as the requirements of the International Labor Organization conventions.

The requirements of ETI-based business ethics to which the company is committed are as follows:

1- There is no forced labor in the company
2. The freedom of personnel to participate in elections and the freedom of collective bargaining are respected
3- Safe working conditions and health of employees is observed.
4- Children and minors (18 years old) are not used in the company in any way.
5- Adequacy of salaries and wages, according to the laws approved by the Ministry of Labor, Welfare and Social Security, based on regional customs and conditions.
6- The working hours are not excessive.
7- In defining the conditions of recruitment, employment, promotion, job allocation, access to education, and termination of work, it is done without discrimination and in accordance with the regulations.
8. In all employment contracts, employment conditions and employment relationships are transparent and all contracts cover the requirements of the labor law.
9- The existence of any kind of threat or behavior contrary to human dignity is not accepted in any way.

The scope of the above obligations includes all the following persons:

  • Employees who are directly employed by the company through employment contracts.
    • Employees employed or provided by contractors or power supply organizations at the company or at a location designated by the company to perform work for or on behalf of the company.


CEO of the company
Davood Abedi Amoli