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Ethylene Glycol Distearate (Stearic Acid Glycol Ester)

Handling and Storage
Safety and Emergency
Application and Properties

Shelf life of this product is 2 years, if kept in closed bags protected from external contamination in cool and dry places in Max.49 oC with proper ventilation and dry condition.

The flash point of this product in more than 150 oC and with strong oxidants shows reaction.

The materials resulted in thermal decomposition are: CO, CO2, and H2O. Conditions of extinguishing fire Use special respiratory mask for safety water dry materials carbon dioxide and foam for extinguishing the fire. Corrosive effects: not corrosive When working with this substance, use gloves, mask and goggles.

It irritates skin and eyes.

In Chemical industries especially in manufacturing of hygienic and cosmetic products. Ethylene Glycol Di Estearate has various applications such as below:

As one of the most common pearlizing agents in manufacturing of shampoos and personal care products. As the thickening agent in creams, cosmetic emulsions and medicinal ointments. As the stabilizer in cosmetic creams, medicinal ointments and waterless emulsions and as emulsifier.






As formulated into the surfactant, the pearling sense of the product is full and delicate, Fine compatibility with anionic, cationic, nonionic and amphoteric surfactants, Non-irritating and non-allergic to skins and hair. EGDS is used in liquid washing products, it has obvious pearling effect, and will enhance the viscosity of product. It also has functions of moistening skin, nursing hair and antistatic. Nonirritating to skins and without any harm, so suitable in shampoo, shower cleanser, cream and high standard liquid detergent. Applicable for pharmacy, as pearl dispersant, solubilizer, lubricant, metal processing scour and fiber processing field. Suitable to be used in thermal formulating technology, recommended dosage is 0.5-2%.