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Maleic Acrylic Copolymer





Maleic – Acrylic Copolymers can be used in non-phosphate or reduced phosphate laundry, automatic dishwashing, industrial, and institutional formulations to control the formation of insoluble scale (encrustation) and maintain fabric whiteness. The polymer delivers the following advantages: • Crystal growth modification, leading to a reduction in the level of insoluble carbonate and silicate scales formed during the washing process. • Excellent dispersant, which helps control the deposit ion of insoluble salts on fabrics, machine components (heating elements), and hard surfaces. This leads to a reduction of inorganic filming and organic food soil deposition in automatic dishwashing and ware wash applications, and enhanced whiteness maintenance in the laundering of fabrics (increased secondary detergency). • Processing aid in the production of powder detergents (reduced number of fines, higher slurry solids, less dusting, and subsequently lower energy consumption).