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Behdapon N70 And Behdapon N30 (Copy)

sodium lauryl ether sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate 70% and 30%

CH3 (CH2)10CH2(OCh2Ch2)2 OSO3Na

در حال حاضر این محصول در انبار موجود نیست و در دسترس نمی باشد.



SLES is the most famous anionic surfactant, which is prepared by sulfonation of the ethoxylated lauryl alcohol. It is used as cleaning and foaming agent in many detergent products, such as powder and liquid detergents and personal care products, as well. Also because of its proper foaming quality it is used in formulation of detergents with high foam. Its low sensitivity to water hardness and excellent stability in low temperature are other properties of this surfactant. Also since it contains hydrophilic poly ethylene group, it is mild to skin and eyes and causes less skin irritation. In formulation process, hot water around 80˚C must be used for dissolving. It is used in formulation of detergents for delicate fabrics, woolen fabrics, hair and body shampoos, carpet shampoo, dish washing and hand wash liquids and liquid soaps. Also it is used in manufacturing of polymers, dyes, adhesives and paper coatings.