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Behdaset STS

Sodium Toluene Sulfonate



Sodium toluene sulfonate is a toluene sulfonate ester used in organic chemical reactions as an alkylating agent, non-oxidizing catalyst, intermediate for the synthesis of biologically active compounds, and supporting electrolyte for depositing polypyrrole membranes. Sulfonates are salts or esters of sulfonic acid. Sulfonic salts are soluble in water. Sulfonic acid and its salts present in organic dyes provide useful function of water solubility and or improve the wash fastness of dyes due to their capability of binding more tightly to the fabric. They are widely used in the detergent industry. Alkyl benzene sulfonic acid is the largest-volume synthetic surfactant because of its relatively low cost, good performance, the fact that it can be dried to a stable powder and the biodegradable environmental friendliness. Sulfonate cleaners do not form an insoluble precipitates in hard water. Sulfonic acid salts and esters are intermediates widely used in organic synthesis and particularly phenolic compounds and cation exchange resins. They are synthetic intermediates for a number of biologically active compounds and pharmaceutical candidates such as sulfa drugs. They are used as adhesives and sealant chemicals. Sodium toluene sulfonate was used as a supporting electrolyte for depositing polypyrrole membranes. It was also used as a solute to study the performance of resin particles.